Stanley Records | The Saloon Daddies
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The Saloon Daddies

The Saloon Daddies are a Sydney-based acoustic alt-folk and country duo with definite punk rock roots that was recently formed by Jeff Pope (Deadwood 76, The Dunhill Blues) and local cowpunk, Dave Favours.


Pope had occasionally been playing in Favours solo band and the boys were sitting around drinking after a show one night when Jeff explained that he had a bunch of songs that he had been working on. Dave explained that he also had some songs that didn’t quite fit in with his solo stuff and the rest as they say, is history. Well, not really, they did nothing about it for about a year. Then, after the offer to play a Steve Earle tribute night came, The Saloon Daddies were born. They are both proud fathers and pissheads, so the name seemed a perfect fit!


The guys already knew that they shared the same love for Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, The Pogues, The Stones, Bob Dylan, The Clash, The Drive-by Truckers, The Old 97’s, Lucero and Hank Williams but they could never have predicted how easily that things would come together. Within a matter of weeks, they had dozens of original songs at the ready and hit he studio to record their debut EP, Your Horse Has Bolted.


The EP was recorded and mixed in under 12 hours and the idea was simple – everything had to be purely acoustic, there could be no outside players and only minimal overdubs were allowed with no studio trickery involved. The honesty of the performance was much more important than a polished masterpiece.


Your Horse Has Bolted contains 5 tracks – two from each member plus a cover of The Saints’ 80’s classic, Grain Of Sand.


Your Horse Has Bolted