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Ben Leece

Fresh from touring his acclaimed debut album, No Wonder The World Is Exhausted, we are proud to announce Hank Volume 2, the brand new single from singer/songwriter, Ben Leece. Recorded with his band, Left Of The Dial, and featuring performances from Melbourne mates, Georgia State Line, Hank Volume 2 features the killer new Ben Leece original, Paper Thin, on the A-side plus an exclusive B-side, which is a cover of Irene by Courtney Marie Andrews. This is not available elsewhere.
Ben describes Paper Thin as a love letter to the music community he has found himself in.


“It’s been a rough year, both personally and for this greater musical community. We’ve lost some friends and felt a darkness but there has also been an awareness of the folks around me – everyone is looking out for each other. We all hurt. We all deal with our own madness. Paper Thin is an affirmation to be there for the people that have been there for me.”


Hank Volume 2 is a sequel of sorts to Ben’s debut 7″ single from 2017 and is limited to 200 hand-numbered copies only – 50 splatter vinyl/150 black vinyl.


Click on the link below to pre-order a special pack, which contains one of the first 50 copies of the 7” on splatter vinyl, as well as an amazing A4 art print by Hana Brenecki and a Ben Leece patch.


Hank Volume 2

7″ Single

No Wonder The World Is Exhausted


Take Me To Town

An Australian Alternative Country Compilation