Stanley Records | Katie Brianna
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Katie Brianna

Katie Brianna’s story goes something like this… plucked from obscurity by Paul Kelly at age 15 to appear on the ARIA Award-winning Lantana Soundtrack, before recording 2 critically acclaimed alt-country albums and scoring herself a couple of Golden Guitar nominations along the way.


So why are we telling you this? We have no idea because it’s time to forget everything you’ve heard or thought you know about Katie Brianna up until now, as her new album is destined to be a game changer.


Brianna has one of those voices that can break your heart in a matter of moments. It’s a voice so strong and distinctive that it often overshadows her brilliance as a song writer. Don’t get us wrong, her last couple of albums have been nothing short of phenomenal but what would happen if the songs were given a different tone by deliberately removing the big name producers and studio sheen and adding musicians that don’t necessarily come from the country music world? 


Enter singer/songwriter, Adam Young (ex-Daisygrinders/Big Heavy Stuff). Young has been a frequent collaborator with Katie for several years now and together, they formulated a plan for him to produce her next album and put together a band that could truly harness the power of Katie’s material.


They approached Adam’s label, Stanley Records (also the home of Ben Leece, Peta Caswell and last year’s groundbreaking Take Me To Town compilation, amongst others) and the wheels were set in motion.


As well as Young, the band on the album includes members of the Cruel Sea, the Re-Mains, Spurs For Jesus and more. So what can you expect when Katie’s as yet untitled album lands? In short, the unexpected. Its the sound of an artist who isn’t afraid to take risks and is willing to take control of her own destiny.


The as-yet-untitled album is due to land in September this year.


Take Me To Town

An Australian Alternative Country Compilation