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Katie Brianna

After touring the country off the back of her critically acclaimed third album from 2022, This Way or Some Other, Katie made some major changes, including relocating to Melbourne.


Now settled, she has returned with Puzzle, one of the strongest songs of her career, that clearly marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life.


Puzzle was produced by local legends Lachlan Bryan and Damien Cafarella. According to Katie, “it’s been so long since I recorded This Way or Some Other, I really wanted to start working towards making new music. I’ve known Lachlan for a long time, and we’ve spoken about doing some recording together in the past. Now that I’m living in Melbourne, it seemed like a perfect opportunity. He and Damien not only produced the song, they played everything on it. What can’t they do.. they’re pretty handy guys.”


A major part of the appeal of Brianna’s work is that it’s always so personal and Puzzle sees her at her brilliant best. As for the meaning behind this one, Katie had this to say… “Maybe people should be clearer about what they’re thinking and how they feel, and there wouldn’t be so many questions. We are all puzzles really. Searching for the missing piece.”


Puzzle out June 9 on all digital platforms.


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