Stanley Records | Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes
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Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes

Dave Favours is a music fan. You know the type, one of those lonely souls who can be found digging through bins in record stores every weekend. And when he’s not spending all his hard-earned on it, he’s talking about it, reading about it, watching it live, writing it, playing it or releasing it.


The bloke grew up on punk and garage music but growing up, country was always in the background. In a few short years around the turn of the century, he went from fronting a bunch of noisy rock outfits that you’ve never heard of to playing lead guitar in a Johnny Cash tribute act, before spending several years as guitarist and main songwriter in alt-country group, The Delivery.


Now after a couple of solo releases and one with the raucous folk duo, the Saloon Daddies, Favours is once again fronting a full-time group. His lifetime spent collecting records shows in the melting pot of styles that is Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes. There’s definite influences from the Drive-By Truckers, Old 97’s and Lucero. Throw into the mix some Exile-era Stones, Steve Earle at his most hard-edged and old school punk and indie stalwarts like The Replacements, The Clash, Husker Du, The Johnnys and The Saints and you’ll get an idea of where they’re coming from.


These guys have never lived and worked on the land. They don’t ride horses or drive 4WD’s and it shows. According to Dave, “we like to think of it as country-influenced music that comes from the city. We’re way too rockin’ for the country purists and too country for the rock crowd”. The title of their new album says it all, Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes is Not Your Average Country Band.


Not Your Average Country Band is available on vinyl and CD, as well as all digital platforms.


Not Your Average Country Band


Part Time b/w The Day That Cribb & Munday Got Away

7″ single

Take Me To Town

An Australian Alternative Country Compilation


Wet Suburban Sunday

One Hand On The Wheel