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Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes

Despite their alt-country leanings, Back on the Drink, the new 4-track release from Dave Favours & the Roadside Ashes, clearly showcases the band’s love of Oz indie rock. This is by no means a stopgap until the next full-length release but rather, a deliberate stand-alone document of where the outfit currently stands.


With a bunch of songs at the ready, Favours and co. decided to commence what was supposed to be their next album with the recording of these tracks. According to Dave, “once we heard the rough mixes back, it somehow felt like a complete release at 4 tracks. I then started thinking about all the great Australian 4-track EPs that I fell in love with as a kid – from bands like the Saints, the Screaming Tribesmen, Midnight Oil, the Hard-Ons and the Johnnys. It just felt right to down tools and finish the project without recording any more songs.” Speaking of the Johnnys, it seems fitting that on top of 3 new originals, the EP also features a cover of Bleeding Heart by the infamous local cowpunks, one of Favours favourite all-time acts and biggest influences.


Taking their love of Australian rock’n’roll a step further, Hard-Ons bassist and living legend Ray Ahn drew the amazing art for this record. “It’s long been a dream of mine to have Ray design something for one of my releases. I decided to contact Ray and to my surprise, he said yes”, said Dave.


There’s still plenty of the band’s trademark sound to be found on the record as well, from the twangy opening track, All Caught Up, to the title track, which is laden with pedal steel.


After a massive 2022, shows have been a little quiet of late, but things are about to change. The boys are known for enjoying a frosty beverage or two when on tour and will be hitting the road in support of the release in January and February 2024, including another visit to the Tamworth Country Music Festival and  their inaugural tour of Tasmania. Dave Favours & the Roadside Ashes are well and truly Back on the Drink.


Back on the Drink


Cheap Motels After Midnight


Not Your Average Country Band


Part Time b/w The Day That Cribb & Munday Got Away

7″ single

Take Me To Town

An Australian Alternative Country Compilation


Wet Suburban Sunday


One Hand On The Wheel