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T.C. Jones

T.C. Jones’ story sounds like a finely crafted novel – a folk singer from Denman in regional NSW who does shift work in the local mines and in his spare time writes songs with such passion and honesty that can only come from the isolation of living in a small country town.


Katie Brianna

After touring the country off the back of her critically acclaimed third album from 2022, This Way or Some Other, Katie Brianna made some major changes, including relocating to Melbourne. Now settled, the two-time Golden Guitar nominee has returned with one of the strongest singles of her career that clearly marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life. A major part of the appeal of Brianna’s work is that it’s always so personal and Puzzle sees her at her brilliant best.

Ben Leece & Left Of The Dial

Outside of singing and song writing, Ben Leece’s greatest strength has long been his live band, Left of The Dial. Now after several critically acclaimed solo releases, Leece has decided to capture the volume and power of that band with their latest release, Big Red Black, a savage smack in the mouth to the inhumanity of Empire, tearing away the bandage to reveal the open wounds left weeping in colonialism’s wake.

Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes

Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes play alternative country in the truest sense. If you take the likes of the Drive-By Truckers, Old 97’s and Lucero, then mix in some Steve Earle, Exile-era Stones and punk and indie stalwarts like The Clash, The Replacements, Husker Du, The Johnnys and The Saints, you’ll get the idea.

Crank Williams & Patsy Decline

Mechanic by day, guitar slinger by night, Crank Williams is one of life’s great journeymen. You may recognise him from 90’s cowpunk legends, Deadwood 76 or in his current role in legendary Sydney group, Spurs for Jesus. Patsy Decline is not only Crank’s musical soulmate but his partner in real life as well.

Sam Shinazzi

Let’s start with the title of the album, Days I Won’t Forget. We wouldn’t call it a concept album, but the concept is simple. Every track on the record tells the story of something that either happened to Sam Shinazzi or people close to him.

The album has a definite country lean and also showcases Shinazzi’s love of indie pop rock.

Looch Lewis & The Press Gangsters

In 2017, Looch Lewis the long-time drummer for iconic Sydney bush/punk outfit Handsome Young Strangers surprised everyone (including himself!) by impulsively embarking on a solo career.  Armed with little more than a battered acoustic guitar he started appearing on stages all over Sydney.  In their raw form his songs are folk songs in the purest sense.   Slow songs.  Sad songs.   Songs of love, of love lost, of bad life choices and their effects on others.    Whilst the themes of sadness and remorse permeate throughout the tunes, there is an undercurrent of positivity – of an artist searching for clarity and wanting to be a better person.

Peta Caswell & The Lost Cause

Peta Caswell is fast earning a name for herself as one of Sydney’s brightest and most promising alt-country vocalists and writers. The first taste of her original work appeared on the celebrated Take Me To Town Australian alternative country compilation, with many singling her track out as one of the highlights of the release.


Now, Peta has formed her own band, The Lost Cause, and is putting it on record and on the road.

Deadwood 76

Straight outta somewhere stinky and into your local bar, Deadwood 76 is a happy collision between Merle Haggard’s cattle truck and the Ramones tour bus. Their anthropological mission is to revive lost country classics that champion life’s bottom dwellers, the art of getting blotto and good old-fashioned spouse murder.

Adam Young

Having spent several years in successful indie rock acts such as the Daisygrinders and Big Heavy Stuff, Adam Young has had his songs covered by the likes of You Am I and The Lemonheads. This would be enough to make any musician retire happily.


But it is his solo work with which Adam will truly leave his mark.