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T.C. Jones

T.C. Jones’ story sounds like a finely crafted novel – a folk singer from Denman in regional NSW who does shift work in the local mines and in his spare time writes songs with such passion and honesty that can only come from the isolation of living in a small country town.


The story of this release goes like this… T.C. meets a girl at a music festival. They fall in love. That girl happens to tell one of her best friends that her new boyfriend writes songs. That friend happens to own a record label and after witnessing T.C. play and being blown away, calls producer Adam Young (Katie Brianna, Ben Leece) and says that they need to record him immediately. Young books a session with Chris Dale (Melody Pool), the result of which is T.C. Jones debut E.P. Roadmap Across a State of Blue. And what a result!


According to Jones, “We took a really relaxed approach to recording it. This was my first time doing this, so we just set the mics up in front of the lounge at the studio and recorded from there, just like when I play at home. It was all very laid back. Adam and Chris really understood that, and I think it translated well on the EP.”


The sparseness of the songs makes you lean forward and listen, as the words lure you in. His thick Aussie drawl isn’t put on, that’s how he speaks, and the stories that he is telling are real.


“The songs are drawn directly from life experience. They’re songs I needed to write at the time. For me, songs are a place to put excess feeling. There’s some deep terrain in these tunes. Some aren’t really places I’d like to go back to. Others come from pure joy or are just stories I wanted to tell”, said Jones.


Roadmap Across a State of Blue is out now on CD and all Digital platforms.


Roadmap Across a State of Blue


Out June 2

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