Stanley Records | Deadwood 76
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Deadwood 76

Straight outta somewhere stinky and into your local bar, Deadwood 76 is a happy collision between Merle Haggard’s cattle truck and the Ramones tour bus. Their anthropological mission is to revive lost country classics that champion life’s bottom dwellers, the art of getting blotto and good old-fashioned spouse murder. They played sober once, it sounded polished and professional so they never did it again.


If you were in Sydney throughout the Noughties, it was impossible to escape the allure of Deadwood 76, the kings of Newtown’s Botany View Hotel. They were the best of times and well, the best of times! Sadly, they called it a day in the later part of the decade but the group’s members could still be found lurking around the Botany View either propping up the bar or playing in the likes of Chuck’s Wagon, Roland K. Smith & The Sinners, John Kennedy’s 68 Comeback Special or Chickenhead.


In 2010, the group finally got around to releasing Tales From The Wasted Years 2001-2008, their complete recorded works. A decade in the making, Tales From The Wasted Years 2001-2008 not only serves as a tribute to this infamous bunch of louts, it was also the catalyst for a full-blown reunion.

Now in 2015, Deadwood 76 have joined forces with like-minded cowpunks Spurs For Jesus for a limited edition split 7″ release.


Spurs For Jesus/Deadwood 76 Split 7″ Single

Tales From The Wasted Years 2001-2008